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Apple TV Reviews

Apple TV box


Apple TV peripherals like the Apple TV will not do it. Reasonably quiet stream But ... .xenon_art Buy a very good pedigree would say worth it.

This small device can tell you that never in sight. I pointed out several times, but did not buy because they do not have much. And what made it bad mechanic sight. Told myself several times to pay 3,800 baht to what ??

I will fight to the Apple TV Android TV is probably better and more satisfying. Whether the application of various movies and TV Thailand or Kantana TV and so on.

But recently a new proposition With a mother like webmaster. Including a series on the ice pad. Then complain that the time on the neck on the eye with the iPad Air measures 9.7 inches suited to the weapon's refinement will watch for several hours, I decided to measure it against the 3,800 baht to buy Apple TV gen 3. Tribute to "Cheat" on my iPad.

The results were very impressive and tells me that it's worth the money to have the pedigree to play a Review listened to it. But before going into detail on the box very quickly see that it has nothing to do, I would gently tell me the pros and cons of it.

appleTVgen3_review (1)

From the box, the Apple TV is more compact, about the size of the iPhone 2 Apple TV box attached Ltd. has a black on white with an apple.

Oh, for those who doubt say that Apple TV has only one black.

appleTVgen3_review (2)

Side note that carton 1080p, which means the latest Gen 3 (but out almost a year) for sending files to a TV at 1080p resolution Full HD.

The Gen 2 that look similar, but the only support for up to 720p before buying to make sure.

appleTVgen3_review (4)

In the box there is nothing more.

  1. Body
  2. Wire
  3. Remote with batteries to complete.
  4. Simplified Guide in Thailand

Wireless HDMI for the TV and the wireless LAN to the Router in case anyone missed it I have to buy my own particular HDMI cable to buy, and wait it out, otherwise the TV does not.

Of course, if I want to use the Apple TV to your TV with HDMI too.

appleTVgen3_review (5)

appleTVgen3_review (7)

Front of the black Ultra light and compact enough to carry anywhere they are. (But I still do not carry Aana).

appleTVgen3_review (6)

Around the edge is black. Rear Connectors, HDMI, LAN, Optical Audio, and pay for cable MicroUSB.

appleTVgen3_review (9)

Remote size, adorable shapes Jet starve Chassis Control Apple TV with simple.

appleTVgen3_review (11)

The Explorers battery Akshay If it was not hard to find.

appleTVgen3_review (10)

Plug is available as Wi-Fi at home.

appleTVgen3_review (17)

appleTVgen3_review (18)

I turned on the set a few simple steps. The WiFi connection we want to share with the iPad or iPhone, it will not display as you can see, and because we are a country in various applications, it is limited to.To try it, go to the America's applications setting-> reginal-> america.

But believe me Waste of time because a lot of us are not particularly Netflix and if available, you will pay a monthly or not ????

appleTVgen3_review (21)

A simple way to use the remote control is the ring above the cursor up, down, left, right, round silver button in the center of the circle is a button or OK.

Time to press the menu you want to go back, press Menu and press 1 again to reverse the first step through it, it will come back to the main screen.

appleTVgen3_review (20)

That's the function of the Apple TV does not have anything to play for many, it is not suitable for playing on TV. Part I played, it was very poor.

For example, it's simple Youtube app on the Apple TV that works without mutual consent. Looks like Youtube and not convenient because the video will see that LD LD LD.

appleTVgen3_review (22)

Keyboard, it's like this, brother. I will print the gums, dry It is not a separate language, Thailand I like to say that there are not willing to spend that much.

But the problem is I just want to take the iPad to the TV only. So I tell you what features and apps Application and other ignore the AirPlay only remaining player from the pad, and then display them on the TV screen is much better.

appleTVgen3_review (16)

When assured that the iPad and Apple TV connected to the same Wi-Fi. I managed to swipe a page from the iPad (or iPhone) with iOS7 operating system from the bottom to the top. Order to get

Then'll see in the figure above, tap the AirPlay AirPlay and select Apple TV.

The property that will be available on - off "reflection" or mirror, thus imitating Ltd iPads on a TV screen.

appleTVgen3_review (23)

We played on the pad. Screen will display the exact usage of the application of the pad, it is so easy to use Youtube Youtube by searching for more convenient use of the Apple TV a lot.

Games will be played on an easy film to watch out not to reconcile apps on the Apple TV even less.

appleTVgen3_review (24)

And thereby reflecting screen. The display is not full screen. Because most TV now has a screen 14: 9 ratio screen, but the iPad has a 4: 3 sides is a "black screen" is not full frame.

appleTVgen3_review (12)

The active reflection, meaning we do on the pad, it will show all the results. The flip screen As well as off the screen. So the movie is not easy.

appleTVgen3_review (14)

A simple way to see if it will play AirPlay from any application or from a video on the iPad is when you play it. Notice the bottom right corner of the screen, the iPad is AipPlay be icons.

Touch up with a small window to close the "reflection" or playback on Apple TV.

appleTVgen3_review (15)

When I select the IPad screen is black. I notice that the display will be on the TV screen. Now we will turn off the screen or tilt the device, however, had no effect.

The TV's full-screen, we can pretty clear ....... I The Heirs fullscreen HD polish level wow wow.

Tell me if I've told people that. Will surely buy Apple TV, why would it only renders the pad on the TV screen, though, we went to buy a TV from Apple is available at a price of a little, but I was wrong wrong, however, I see advantages. disadvantages of each Apple TV

Advantages of buying Apple TV's "series" of iPads.

  1. Can sit where they play movies on the TV through the iPad. If access to the unit must be placed in cable TV because it will change the length of about one meter do not have to walk to the TV and it was a comfortable ride.
  2. To connect via WiFi Leads to the problem that if I change the channel on the Lightning is another original cable is not available. As of late I've purchased and discarded. So-called free money
  3. Can be displayed full screen is clear and smooth lines, the display is not full screen.
  4. Upgrading the operating system on the iPad, iPhone or Apple TV in the future may be a chance that something new will feature in the line do not.

The downside of buying Apple TV's "series" of iPads.

  1. Expensive .... The course fee of 3,800 baht, it does not include an HDMI cable required to use and access the more comprehensive, four thousand and five thousand from an investment, not less, just take a look "series. "
  2. Apple TV itself can not do much. I do not If you are buying used features exceptionally constant crying.
  3. To look at the past or the series to see through the app. Some applications and expensive waste of money, but still have a way to see through this as well. Trouble-free, but (But not full screen)

appleTVgen3_review (25)

How do you like the Apple TV at "halting the" do nothing at all. But if the price was not charged with an HDMI cable needs to be purchased separately. But .... For Loss of about 5 billion baht to the mother and family movies and series full of emotion, on TV. Do not sit so strabismus screen iPad that "extraordinarily good" it.

What I've said "Now I just took the pad off the TV for my ridiculous" today, I must say that the new. ... It's amazing how good they are, it is a gallery movie and photo we see on TV is simple. seamless real

Do not forget to check out my review on Youtube on my TV screen.

I'm happy with the Apple TV just to watch the drama was worth it.